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Frisian Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Words: islands wadden frisian sea north

Frisian Islands. Frisian Islands. The Wadden Islands archipelago, including the Frisian Islands. Area 1,047.49 km 2 404.44 sq mi. Netherlands , German

Mandø - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaø Words: islands danish sea island wikipedia

Jump to: navigation , search. Mandø is one of the Danish Wadden Sea islands off the southwest coast of Jutland , Denmark in the Wadden Sea , part of t

Halligen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Words: halligen wikipedia islands sea warften

Halligen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Halligen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. This article does not cite

Salt marsh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Words: salt tidal species marshes sediment

A salt marsh or saltmarsh , also known as a coastal salt marsh or a tidal marsh , is a coastal ecosystem in the upper coastal intertidal zone between