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About Us | Jubilee Fund Words: jubilee fund investment certificates

an ethical investment fund established to raise awareness concerning ... and access to credit. The Jubilee Fund provides short term loans ... term loans to not-for-profit organizations and businesses, cooperatives

Business Projects | Jubilee Fund Words: fund jubilee business community projects

loan guarantees that allow social enterprises and worker co-operatives ... capital for start–ups or to expand their services to the community. ... partnership between SEED Winnipeg Inc. Workers at a popular

Future Students Words: px futureleadbform font left margin

to content ... Registrars Office International Students Centre for Continuing ... Centre for Continuing and Online Learning Personal Development ... and Online Learning Personal Development Institute Second

Community Projects | Jubilee Fund Words: centre community fund jubilee projects

Community ... Projects. Cornish ... The Jubilee Fund was pleased to support renovations costs ... mall where the group required financial assistance to complete

SCI - Economics (for People & the Planet!) Words: economics environmental community halifax

ECONOMICS ... FOR PEOPLE ... FOR PEOPLE & THE PLANET. Community ... FOR PEOPLE & THE PLANET. Community Economics ... Economics Exposition Guide - How to organize a local community